Packaging liquids with crucial seal integrity has always been challenge. There’s an ever growing list of applications like yogurt, liquor, wine, beverages, milk, water, juice, flavored milk require safe & hygienic flexible packaging. This type of model is designed for handling liquids with moderate density.

Pillow pouch is a simple, reliable & cost effective packaging solution and most frequently used form of pouch readily available in the market. Increasing demand from dairy industries for packing numerous products including curd, sauces, milk yogurt and water will provide a positive thrust on the liquid pouch packaging market.

Consumer today wants lighter packaging. On – the – Go convenience, Aim Packaging meets many of these requirements with its liquid pouch packaging solution.

Aim Packaging understands their specific needs and challenges and then delivers the most effective solution. This is another efficient automatic milk pouch packing machine for milk. Built substantially shorter than conventional machine.